Arcadian Bank branch severely damaged from high winds

Arcadian Bank’s Hartland building was severely damaged Wednesday night during a storm that brought winds of at least 80 mph to the region

The exterior of the building sustained extensive damage, mainly on the southwest side, with blown out windows and debris scattered inside. Bricks on the east side of the building were torn off. “The interior, other than miscellaneous debris, is mostly intact,” the bank stated. “At this time it is unknown specifically how much structural damage was sustained. The safe deposit vault was undamaged and remains secure with plans being made to relocate the safe deposit boxes to our Albert Lea location.”

Banking transactions can still take place in the Hartland-based bank’s Albert Lea and Freeborn locations and online. Staff members have been reassigned to other locations.    

“We try to plan for things like this, but no amount of planning can prepare you for seeing sections of the 100+ year old building where our bank started turned into rubble,” wrote Arcadian Bank President Mark Heinemann. “Nobody was hurt, and buildings can be repaired or rebuilt. This is a sad event to end the year, but we will persevere. We remain positive and fully dedicated to the community of Hartland. Our core values and mission statement will ensure that our organization and customers will get through this unfortunate event.”