Bridgewater opens doors to new corporate center

Bridgewater Bank, Bloomington, Minn., has opened the doors to its new corporate center in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park, after three years of planning. 

Jerry Baack (left) and Mary Jayne Crocker tout the view of downtown Minneapolis from the deck of Bridgewater Bank’s new St. Louis Park, Minn., headquarters.

The four-story headquarters, situated on the northwest corner of Excelsior Boulevard and Monterey Drive, is allowing roughly 80 employees at a time to work in-house on a rotating schedule. Despite the pandemic and subsequent work-from-home effect, employees are itching to get in the modern, sunlit building — except for those in the risk department, said Mary Jayne Crocker, the executive vice president and COO at the $2.3 billion bank.

The bank shares space with Discover Strength, Hazellewood Grill and Tap. Its conference rooms are named after popular Twin Cities neighborhoods, and are marked by artwork characteristic of each area on the respective walls. The self-work spaces are named after street names of the bank’s branch locations, and there’s money and pun-inspired art collected from a local instagrammer on the walls. In agreement with St. Louis Park building stipulations, the bank was encouraged to spend roughly $80,000 on public art. 

The wifi reaches the outdoor spaces, including the deck, which is backdropped by the Minneapolis skyline, and decorated by greenery and a promise for a future garden.

“I think it’s the best deck in the Twin Cities,” said Jerry Baack, president and CEO.