Experts offer career management tips to mid-career bankers

Communication is the top skill sought out in banking. For people looking for entry into banking, or to move up in already established careers, “the ability to express ideas and thoughts and also be able to listen to the another person,” is the most important expertise young bankers can foster, said Dan Roberts of Minnesota Bank & Trust, Edina, Minn. [Continue]

Stein & Moore move law practice to Gislason & Hunter

Attorneys Peter Stein and Ralph Moore have transferred their law practice to the firm of Gislason & Hunter. For 40 years, the pair had led the Stein & Moore, P.A. law firm in St. Paul; their integration into the New Ulm, Minn.-based law firm began officially on May 7. [Continue]

Banker confidence dips as competition and interest rates rise

Bank CEOs, presidents and CFOs from across the nation reported lower confidence levels in their industry. Specifically, they expressed concern about rising interest rates, competition from the big banks, fintech companies and Amazon. That’s according to the first quarter Promontory Interfinancial Network’s Bank Executive Business Outlook Survey. [Continue]

Public bank question enters Minnesota Governor’s race

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, a former Goldman Sachs executive, successfully campaigned on a platform that was pro-public banking. Now, current Minnesota State Auditor and DFL candidate for governor, Rebecca Otto, has indicated support for a state bank.  In a message to potential supporters, Otto writes: “Imagine the geographical, racial and economic disparities we could overcome if we had a Minnesota State Bank to provide access to small business capital, low-interest student loans, crop insurance for family farms, and banking services for the unbanked. It would be an economic game-changer.” [Continue]

DoJ reaches settlement with KleinBank

The Justice Department on May 8 settled its suit against KleinBank, resolving allegations that the bank engaged in lending discrimination by “redlining” predominantly minority neighborhoods in and around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. KleinBank is a $2 billion bank based in Chaska, Minn. [Continue]

SB Financial raises capital, positions for growth

A lot of banking companies have used their savings from the 2017 federal tax overhaul to award cash bonuses to employees. Defiance, Ohio-based SB Financial Group, Inc., has put a bit of a twist on the sharing – by paying its 250 staffers to engage in philanthropic endeavors aimed at bettering the communities where they work and live. [Continue]

First day at the top of ICBA for Romero Rainey

Advocacy [at ICBA] is focused on S. 2155. Overall, this concept of proportional regulation just has to be driven home. We have to find the ways that regulation is structured around the risk that community banks represent. Also, advocating for the level playing field, ensuring that as an industry we have an opportunity to compete. We will go head to head with anyone, but we want the level playing field. [Continue]