Diverse hiring is not inclusion

“Diversity is inviting people to the dance; inclusion is asking them to dance,” said Shirley Davis, president of SDS Global Enterprises. Davis believes bank leaders should engage in self-assessment, asking themselves if they are the kind of leaders who build more leaders through vision, inspiration and inclusiveness, because inclusive cultures will attract top talent. [Continue]

COVID-19 and the looming ransomware threat

In today’s uncertain workplace reality, C-suite executives at financial institutions seem to have an endless list of urgent priorities requiring their attention. Recent reports have shown that there is an urgent, evolving worry that financial institutions must confront: cybersecurity, and specifically, the threat of ransomware. [Continue]

No time for timidity

Maybe some good came out of the financial crisis of 2008 — that is, lessons about how to handle another crisis. Congress and the U.S. Treasury have responded to the economic trouble that has followed the nation’s response to COVID-19 in an unprecedented and impressive way. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Jack Kasel

Jack Kasel, sales development expert for Anthony Cole Training Group, weighs in on where the opportunities are today, what relationship-building takes in an age of social distancing and what it takes to be a successful salesmen in the current environment. [Continue]