CBANC launches fintech marketplace

Banking services company CBANC has launched an online B2B fintech marketplace platform to allow fintechs to add, share and update information for financial institutions.

B2B Fintech Marketplace launched early this week with data and information on more than 1,000 products from approximately 450 companies serving credit unions and banks. The platform is intended to build on CBANC’s existing online community of verified financial professionals from more than 8,600 U.S. financial institutions.

“As the need for technology change and acceleration continues, the industry is looking for a place that’s a real resource,” said Michael Berman, CEO of the software company Ncontracts. “An informed buyer typically is a better buyer because they really understand all of their options are in the marketplace, so we are excited to participate.”

CBANC CEO Tom Ferries noted the platform was launched after they became aware that smaller banks needed to be able to compete with larger financial institutions for fintech services. 

“Over the past 10 years, CBANC has been a place for all financial professionals to connect and discover the information they need to succeed,” Ferries added. “Today, the speed of technological innovation is outpacing awareness and community banks and credit unions need a place to discover what’s available for them and feel confident in their decisions.”