ChoiceOne board chair retiring later this month

Paul Johnson

Sparta, Mich.-based ChoiceOne Financial Services, Inc., and ChoiceOne Bank board chair Paul Johnson will retire Dec. 25.

Jack Hendon will become chair of both boards once Johnson retires. Bradley McGinnis has been appointed to the ChoiceOne Board in addition to his service on the ChoiceOne Bank board. 

Johnson is the owner and retired president of Belmont, Mich.-based Falcon Resources Inc. He was appointed chair of the two boards in December 2013, serving as vice chair from July 2013 until December 2013. He has been a director of both companies since July 1999. Johnson was also a director of ChoiceOne Insurance Agencies, Inc., from November 2000 to December 2006. 

“It has been a pleasure to work with Paul over the years,” said ChoiceOne CEO Kelly Potes. “I have enjoyed his friendship and business insight. Paul has guided ChoiceOne to strong growth and important milestones. We will miss his leadership and wise counsel.”

Jack Hendon

Hendon is a certified public accountant, co-founder and partner with the independently owned accounting and consulting firm H&S Companies, PC. He is also a partner in numerous companies. He has been a director of ChoiceOne Bank and its holding company since August 2013. He serves as director of the Spectrum Gerber Hospital Foundation Board and as a director and audit committee member of the Newaygo Area Promise Zone. He is a former director and audit committee chair of the former Securities and Exchange Commission reporting company Fremont Michigan InsuraCorp. 

Bradley McGinnis

McGinnis owns several companies and joined the ChoiceOne Bank board in October 2018. He served as a member of ChoiceOne Financial’s board of directors from October 2018 until its merger with County Bank Corp., one year later. 

“Paul has been a remarkable chairman and leader,” Potes said. “We will miss his extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise. And again, we are pleased to welcome two more ChoiceOne leaders into new positions — Jack as our new chairman, and Brad as a member of our ChoiceOne board. We believe we are well poised for growth as we move into 2022.”

The $2.3 billion ChoiceOne has 35 offices in Michigan.