Former Illinois banker and ICBA chair, Jim Ghiglieri, retires

James “Jim” Ghiglieri, 64, senior vice president of strategic alliances for Johnston-Iowa based SHAZAM has retired, effective Oct. 1. Ghiglieri’s departure was precipitated by health concerns, included a stroke he suffered in April and a more recent diagnosis of esophageal cancer. Ghiglieri underwent surgery to remove the cancer and his family reports a full recovery is expected. Ghiglieri has also regained much of his mobility from the stroke, though not enough that allows him to return to a job that required him to travel roughly 20 weeks out of the year, according to Patrick Dix of SHAZAM.

A former community banker, Ghiglieri joined SHAZAM in 2008 after leaving Alpha Community Bank, Toluca, Ill., where he served as president. Ghiglieri still resides in Toluca. Ghiglieri was also 2007-2008 chairman of the Independent Community Bankers of America.

An announcement on Ghiglieri’s replacement at SHAZAM is forthcoming.