Forward Bank donates $17,000 to nonprofits

Marshfield, Wis.-based Forward Bank recently donated $17,000 to nonprofits through two campaigns.

In one $12,000 drive, the bank gave $100 to each employee to donate to a charity that they either volunteered for or personally supported. “As we have grown through the years, we’ve brought our families together to celebrate together,” said President Dave Clark. “In reaching $900 million in assets, we wanted to recognize our faith — the piece that touches the hearts of our team.”

In the other campaign, Forward Bank donated $5,000 to help local nonprofit Friends of the Old School make repairs and update its security system following a vandalism incident. 

“It is a credit to community values for so many to step up in our time of need,” said Friends of the Old School spokesperson Mary Ellen Hughes. “Forward, joining the support at the level they have, will help us complete this project and move on as a community. You often don’t realize how much a building is used until you can’t use it. We’re excited to open up for our community.”