Kansas City Fed tops 5,000 laptop donations

In September 2020, a survey revealed that 4.4 million households with children don’t have reliable computer access. While schooling is still largely virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic, some students are struggling to stay afloat without consistent access to online learning.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City wants to change that. On Jan. 6, the bank announced that its Employer Laptop Challenge helped distribute over 5,000 laptop donations to nonprofits, schools and refurbishers since April. The Employer Laptop Challenge encourages employers to donate used computers, and coordinates the donations with local nonprofits to bring them to families in need.

“The Kansas City Fed focuses on promoting access to affordable home broadband, devices and skills needed to participate in today’s digital economy,” said Jeremy Hegle, senior community development advisor at the Kansas City Fed

Organizations and businesses across the country can still participate in the challenge: many families are still in need of computers to access online school. Visit the Kansas City Fed’s website to learn more.