Nominations now being sought for Rising Stars in Banking

In July, BankBeat/NorthWestern Financial Review will honor Rising Stars in Banking — mid-career professionals who already have made a name for themselves at their banks and who are poised to make significant contributions to the industry. Consider nominating someone you feel fits this description.

Nominations should include name, bank name, candidate’s contact info and, most importantly, a few sentences about why you believe the person to be a Rising Star in Banking. Submit nominations by May 15, 2018 one of three ways: email [email protected], submit your nomination through our convenient online form, or mail us at BankBeat/NorthWestern Financial Review, 7400 Metro Blvd., Ste. 217, Minneapolis, MN 55439.

The Rising Stars in Banking program is one of our most popular recognition programs. It is sponsored by United Bankers’ Bank, Bloomington, Minn.