PODCAST: What makes bankers cool

In this edition of the BankBeat Community Banking podcast, Matt Middendorp, a nationally acclaimed speaker and banking sales coach, talks about what makes bankers “cool.” Middendorp also explains his formula for sales success (hint: it includes relationship building), how social media offers bankers a powerful tool to connect with prospects in a meaningful way, and how anyone can build a “mastermind” network for themselves. Middendorp is founder of Sales-Math Consulting; he offers one-on-one counseling, coaching through the Cool Bankers Academy, and has a Cool Bankers Club on LinkedIn. If you enjoy the podcast, consider watching Middendorp’s free webinar, “Long Haul Follow-up: Routines for Building Profitable Banking Relationships that Last for Years,” available through BankBeat Groups.

Previous episodes of The Community Banking Podcast addressed high performance strategies at three different Midwest banks. A transcript for this episode is available here.