Former lawmaker leads IBA, embraces industry’s ‘virtual’ reality

On Feb. 19, the Illinois Bankers Association announced that Randy Hultgren would be its next president and CEO. Hultgren, who served as a U.S. Representative for Illinois’ 14th congressional district from 2011 to 2019, plunged into the depths of IBA’s coronavirus response, working alongside retiring IBA President and CEO Linda Koch. Hultgren speaks to his unexpectedly eventful first months on the job. [Continue]

Vendor contracts: Where do you even start?

Don’t know where to start with vendor contracts? Here are three steps designed to help your institution get started on a path to ensure value-driven vendor results on your next vendor contract renegotiation and/or technology evaluation endeavor. [Continue]

The ABCs of managing effective regulatory exams

Compliance officers hold the proverbial ball when it comes to managing regulatory compliance examinations. Those who have experienced consistent, positive outcomes typically attribute their success to the fact they have a plan they stick to, year after year, to ensure there are no surprises and to portray their organization in the best possible light.  [Continue]

Enterprise Financial buying California bank

St. Louis-based Enterprise Financial has struck a deal with San Diego-based Seacoast Commerce Banc Holding to acquire Seacoast Commerce Bank in a transaction worth $156 million. Seacoast had $1.3 billion in total assets, $1.1 billion in loans, and $1.0 billion in deposits as of June 30. [Continue]

Branch strategies for the new environment

As most bankers know, the decline of lobby transactions is accelerating, and financial institutions need to start thinking differently to maintain and attract new clients. With the growing popularity of mobile technology, and some regions becoming over-banked, it has become more apparent that the financial institution needs to become a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.   [Continue]

Remote meetings can fulfill legal meeting requirements for public banks

Holding remote meetings out of sudden necessity created headaches for banks of all types and sizes. For any bank obligated to conduct annual general meetings, the popular remote meeting platforms don’t cut it. Enter Lumi, a United Kingdom-based tech company helping U.S. companies regain their meeting mojo. [Continue]

Clock is ticking on CFAP assistance

Back in spring, when the coronavirus first upended American life the supply chain that supports the U.S. dairy industry collapsed. Producers responded by dumping milk down the drain and calling, en masse, for government intervention. Part of the federal response to aggrieved producers is the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. [Continue]

Telework in 2020: Manage and engage remote employees

Normally, community banks rely on face-to-face interactions, but COVID-19 forced many community banks to adapt to the telework concept. Telework necessitates additional levels of oversight and concern, since changing the work environment can lead people to change their work behaviors. [Continue]

Centralized, tailored decisions needed to avoid CRE crisis

A white paper on the challenges facing commercial real estate published this spring by McKinsey & Company argues that the imperative to physically distance from our workplace colleagues due to the coronavirus has changed the demand for many types of space, creating an “unprecedented crisis for the real estate industry.” [Continue]