Recent wet weather puts a damper on ag

“Weather has been one of the big issues [in 2019] that has impacted agriculture. It started in the spring and did not let up all year. … The growing season saw plenty of struggles with wetness and cool temperatures. Finally, the delayed harvest due to slow growing conditions, wetness, early snow and liquid propane shortages all added up to an extremely difficult year for crop enterprises.” [Continue]

Population trend demands creativity

Bank building photo

Did you hear about the rural resident who came up with a creative way to deposit cash into his bank account? There’s no bank in his town but there is a post office, so he goes there and purchases money orders. Then, he electronically deposits those money orders in his bank, likely using an app on his phone. [Continue]

Tech company brings something unique: Longevity

Computer Service Professionals, Inc., Jefferson City, Mo.,  has been serving up tech solutions to community banks since 1988. We talked with Kurt Luebbering, CSPI’s director of operations, about longevity in the rapidly changing tech world. [Continue]

What’s next for ag in 2020?

Rows of soy plants in a field

Looking ahead into 2020, many Midwest farmers see themselves in a holding pattern. With a presidential election looming, the economy tends to slow in the lead-up to November. A strong dollar isn’t helping. While some producers hold out hope for trade resolutions, others doubt it will make enough of an impact. [Continue]

Initiative spurs dialogue on gender diversity in the C-suite

Standing in front of a room full of more than 100 Minnesota bankers at a country club along the Mississippi river, Jennifer Docherty, a spritely New Yorker and associate general counsel at Sandler O’Neill, and managing director of Bank on Women, Inc., glided enthusiastically from her first favorite slide to her second and third favorite slides.  [Continue]

Do ag producers support the ongoing trade war?

Farmers seem to span the range in support of the trade war. There was initial support with producers seeing the need to fix some stuff, but that has decreased with time. The government payments have taken some of the sting out, but there is becoming a stronger sense that this is going to have some very long-term impacts on American agriculture. [Continue]

Ag bankers consider 2019, look forward to 2020

When Midwestern ag bankers consider 2020, they expect some challenges for their farmer customers, not unlike the year that just ended. In 2019, struggles included severely wet weather, flooding, low commodity prices and a trade war with China. Changes within the dairy industry — from proposed regulations to breeding advancements — affected that sector. [Continue]

Include all internal experts when launching new products

How exciting is it to roll out a new client offering? It is like that new car smell and getting the new iPhone folded into one! The anticipation of how “the product” will grow deposits, increase non-interest income and reduce expenses can be intoxicating. But how often is excitement (or even formal communication) about a new product offering spread throughout the entire organization effectively prior to launch? [Continue]