Turn PPP borrowers into core customers

Thousands of lenders across the country have loaned more than $230 billion to small businesses through the Paycheck Protection Program. While many banks focused on serving existing customers, perhaps equally as many attracted new customers. If your bank has acquired new customers through PPP, now is the time to solidify these relationships. [Continue]

The value of the marketing change-up

Marketing in the middle of a global pandemic and the resulting economic turmoil isn’t easy. There’s a fine line to walk between continuing to put your message in front of customers and not seem like you’re trying to profit from dual crises. Use of social media to spread reassurances was a key theme of the earlier stages of the pandemic, with many banks opting to focus on messages of unity and togetherness. [Continue]

Workforce under stress

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the United States to a crisis point this spring, leaders at banks worked to figure out what was next for their businesses and their staff. Balancing the bottom line with staffing needs has required collaboration and breaking teams out of silos — from a safe distance — while also relying on HR staff’s already established relationships inside the bank. [Continue]

KC Fed’s George supports recessionary countermeasures

Since the beginning of her tenure as president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 2011, Esther George has proven herself “hawkish” as a monetary policymaker. In 2019, George voted against all three Fed Funds rate reductions, saying last September that sluggish economic expansion wasn’t concerning enough to warrant accommodation given historically low unemployment and stable inflation. [Continue]

Pandemic impacts bank internships

While banks kept work flowing in early spring through social distancing measures and remote workforces, they had to make quick decisions about another key program without knowing when the COVID-19 crisis would end or how bad it would get. Should they bring on board their interns? Or did the ever-changing nature of the crisis make that idea too complicated and risky? [Continue]

Bridging wage and wealth gaps isn’t the right Fed mandate

The Federal Reserve, with its enormous capacity for research, tells us the coronavirus recession has hit women and minority populations hard due to disruptions in the retail and service sectors. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said in June that the persons least able to weather an economic downturn are now carrying the greatest burden. [Continue]

Can AI resolve credit card transaction disputes?

Investigating claims of transaction errors or fraudulent activity is time consuming and expensive. Finscend, a 2020 ICBA ThinkTech accelerator participant, is applying artificial intelligence to the problem. Aaron Lazor, Finscend CEO and co-founder, explains.  [Continue]

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Faces of Compliance & Risk Management: Shield Compliance

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