Wealth management marketing: From ‘Secondhand Rose’ to ‘It Girl’

Who knew that a line of business which doesn’t have mass market appeal and has a sales cycle that’s measured in years, would be on a lot of bank marketing plans for 2021?! It’s true. After decades of writing yawn-inducing brochures with exhaustive definitions of services like testamentary trusts, wealth management is being recognized as a low-capital-requirement, higher-than-average ROE banking division worth actively pursuing.  [Continue]

GSBC president prepares leaders for changing world

When the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado was formed 70 years ago, the original banking principles drafted by the board of regents were likely sketched in black-and-white on a 10-column pad — financially oriented and predictable. “We’ve just continued to expand what it means to be a banker,” said Michael Stevens, who replaced the retiring Tim Koch in August as president at the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado. [Continue]