Leveraging ‘coopetition’

If your bank is looking to grow niche products and services, how do you spread the word? Aggressive marketing is certainly one tactic, but word of mouth (especially within a community) can also expand your reach. [Continue]

Wage payment in transformation

During the pandemic, we saw a surge in app-based services that offered grocery delivery, food and retail products delivery, and services such as dog walking and even child care. Now that the pandemic has mostly dissipated, we are seeing a return to pre-pandemic usage levels of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. [Continue]

Avoiding multiple NSF fee pitfalls

The March 2022 FDIC publication, “Supervisory Highlights,” included a warning to banks regarding recent lawsuits and examination findings wherein banks have charged more than one NSF fee for the same transaction. This was particularly happening on returned checks re-presented for payment. [Continue]

Design a bank your customers want to visit

Building a bank today might require a refocus on resources as the country prepares for the post-pandemic future. In today’s climate, bankers might decide to double-down on offerings or explore creative ways to engage their communities through outreach and partnerships. [Continue]

Should your bank provide cryptocurrency services?

Cryptocurrency is a new and developing area, requiring diligent consideration and ongoing monitoring of all the legal and regulatory factors. It is important to balance offering flexibility to customers while at the same time ensuring that the bank is protected from undue liability, security concerns or regulatory issues. [Continue]

Modernize the ag lending process to stay competitive

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, banks are challenged to speed lending decisions with confidence and attract more farmers with convenient digital products — all while managing risk. Without modern lending tools, banks will lose out to competitors and stifle growth. [Continue]

The art of a penny saved

Katherine Kierland Herberger began to collect coin banks after buying one as a gift for her son’s birthday. Over the course of the next half century, she assembled a vast collection of both mechanical and still coin banks spanning more than two centuries; in all she had 277 mechanical banks and 812 still banks. [Continue]

Prioritize the job applicant experience

Even as talk of a recession comes on the heels of a red-hot job market, there’s no denying that candidate expectations for the hiring process have changed. In today’s job market, candidates are evaluating you as an employer as much as you’re evaluating them — and that’s unlikely to change even if the job market cools. [Continue]