No time like the present

Turning the pages of the calendar on a new year encourages us to think about timing. The world isn’t slowing down, and a few wise words might be just what we need to make the most of the present. [Continue]

Create a holistic customer view with a CRM

Customer relationship management: It’s a process that has always been a “nice to have” instead of a “must have” for bankers. But with ever-increasing demands from customers for personalized experiences, fragmented systems won’t cut it. [Continue]

Wisconsin bankers chart a course for success at Nicolet’s helm

Intent on reinvigorating a strong community banking culture in northern Wisconsin, Bob Atwell and Mike Daniels left one of the state’s largest banks to start Nicolet Bankshares in November of 2000. With nearly $9 billion in assets, Nicolet is now the second-largest banking organization based in the state, behind their former employer, Associated Bank. [Continue]