FedNow in a tentative payments climate

Most people want an opportunity to change their mind, to take it back. Sometimes “real time” is simply too sudden, particularly when we have little or no experience with the vendor.  [Continue]

Fraud at high speed

Digital transactions upended how payments were processed several years ago with next-business-day settlement. Now that instant payments have arrived, the transformation of how companies and consumers move money is changing how fraud and risk are assessed. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2023: Deneen Axtman


Deneen Axtman’s commitment to asking questions and listening to the answers has led to her recognition as one of BankBeat magazine’s 2023 “Outstanding Women in Banking.” [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2023: Amy Meyer

Sartell, Minn.-based BankVista Senior Vice President, CFO and Chief Credit Officer Amy Meyer is one of BankBeat’s 2023 “Outstanding Women in Banking.” [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2023: Sue Lee


When faced with an unknown, one can either embrace what comes as an opportunity — or wallow in angst. Highland Bank’s Director of Operations, Sue Lee, prefers the former. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2023: Park State Bank

Park State Bank OWB honorees

Five Park State Bank female executives are collectively being honored as 2023 “Outstanding Women in Banking” for their work on a pandemic-hampered merger and their contributions to the bank’s impressive growth. [Continue]