Taking nothing for granted: Advice for generation next

Business succession consultants rarely work with families unless the senior generation controlling the business commits to a transition. “I spend a lot of time working with the younger generation trying to effectuate change, and it’s hard,” said Larry Hause, principal of Hause Family Transitions. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2022: Ashley O’Neal

As a child, Ashley O’Neal loved to count out the money her father brought home before he turned it over to her mother to pay the bills. When she was looking for a post-college career destination, however, she didn’t initially consider banking. The image she had of the industry was that of one dominated by white men, and it took a recruiter in college to nudge her toward taking a job at a bank. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2022: Mary Williams

Growing up in a large family instilled in Mary Williams a great sense of responsibility. As the third-born of 12 children raised on a Winsted, Minn., farm, “we took care of our own,” Williams explained. [Continue]

How to protect your ATMs from bold thievery

Across the United States, banks have experienced a significant increase in theft attempts related to automated teller machines. In a 52-week period through June 2021, a National Association of Convenience Stores article found that Travelers Insurance saw a 257 percent increase in the number of claims related to ATM smash-and-grab thefts. [Continue]

Borrowing experience varies across lenders

Through my professional and personal endeavors, I have accounts with 10 community banks, two of the nation’s largest banks, and one sizable fintech. Each account comes with advantages and disadvantages. [Continue]

Wage payment in transformation

During the pandemic, we saw a surge in app-based services that offered grocery delivery, food and retail products delivery, and services such as dog walking and even child care. Now that the pandemic has mostly dissipated, we are seeing a return to pre-pandemic usage levels of rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft. [Continue]

Design a bank your customers want to visit

Building a bank today might require a refocus on resources as the country prepares for the post-pandemic future. In today’s climate, bankers might decide to double-down on offerings or explore creative ways to engage their communities through outreach and partnerships. [Continue]