Striking the right balance in ticklers

I’ve seen my fair share of ticklers throughout my career. And when I say fair share, I mean tens of thousands. I worked for a company that had a tickler solution as part of a larger loan management system and helped community banks make the switch from their old system to the new system. [Continue]

Building a better data analysis process

Banks need to be acutely in-tune not only with the state of the economy, but with the particular challenges their customers may face in a downturn. Already, millions of Americans are struggling to afford basic housing costs. [Continue]

Missouri community banker brings hustle to role as 2022-23 ABA chair

Accurately describing the career of Missouri community banker Dan Robb requires understanding the mindset shared by successful visionaries across all industries: An extraordinary work ethic, the foresight to accept opportunities others turn down, and the intelligence to decipher patterns that many fail to see.   [Continue]

Fintech tool marries personalization, financial wellness

Finotta is a new fintech operating out of Overland Park, Kan. BankBeat spoke with Parker Graham, founder and CEO, and Kelsey Houghton, chief product officer, about their “gamified” approach to financial wellness. Q: The mobile banking app space has gotten pretty crowded. How does Finotta find a place in the mix? Parker Graham: As the … Read more

Outstanding Women 2022: Ashley O’Neal

As a child, Ashley O’Neal loved to count out the money her father brought home before he turned it over to her mother to pay the bills. When she was looking for a post-college career destination, however, she didn’t initially consider banking. The image she had of the industry was that of one dominated by white men, and it took a recruiter in college to nudge her toward taking a job at a bank. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2022: Mary Williams

Growing up in a large family instilled in Mary Williams a great sense of responsibility. As the third-born of 12 children raised on a Winsted, Minn., farm, “we took care of our own,” Williams explained. [Continue]

Borrowing experience varies across lenders

Through my professional and personal endeavors, I have accounts with 10 community banks, two of the nation’s largest banks, and one sizable fintech. Each account comes with advantages and disadvantages. [Continue]