Missouri community banker brings hustle to role as 2022-23 ABA chair

Accurately describing the career of Missouri community banker Dan Robb requires understanding the mindset shared by successful visionaries across all industries: An extraordinary work ethic, the foresight to accept opportunities others turn down, and the intelligence to decipher patterns that many fail to see.   [Continue]

Central Payments spins off from KC community bank

Sioux Falls-based Central Payments recently completed a $30 million growth equity raise, splitting off from the $350 million Central Bank of Kansas City and positioning itself for additional investments in technology, products and staffing in a burgeoning industry.  Central Payments founder and President Trent Sorbe said the investors were a good fit with his organization … Read more

Outstanding Women 2022: Jan Mills

When Jan Mills was in grade school, she used to visit her grandfather, who would write down names and places for Jan to explore. Intellectually curious at even a young age, she would do the research and return with pages full of notes. Grandpa was so impressed he rewarded her with dollar bills. Flash forward to present day, and the fruit of the decades-ago exercise is a banker who respects the opportunity to learn and work with family, as well as a bank that supports education by offering cash to excelling students. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2022: Amber Burge

Eleven years ago, Amber Burge saw the perfect opportunity. Executives of what is now Flatwater State Bank, aware of her marketing expertise and sensing an opportunity to develop the brand of their growing bank, approached her to offer a marketing gig. The opportunity to work at an ag-focused bank proved impossible for her to resist. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2022: Ashley O’Neal

As a child, Ashley O’Neal loved to count out the money her father brought home before he turned it over to her mother to pay the bills. When she was looking for a post-college career destination, however, she didn’t initially consider banking. The image she had of the industry was that of one dominated by white men, and it took a recruiter in college to nudge her toward taking a job at a bank. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2022: Rosa Rivera

Rosa Rivera has always been a trailblazer. Rivera, who emigrated from Mexico to the United States with her family in 1976 at the age of 13, became the first bilingual teller in the history of Garden City, Kan., as a senior in high school. Over the next four decades, Rivera established herself as a personable banker determined to help immigrants navigate the financial landscape of the United States, forging close relationships with customers and coworkers in the process. [Continue]