2023 Economic Outlook: Prepare for Landing

Guest Presenter: KC Mathews, CFA
Webinar Date: March 8, 2023
Webinar Time (CST): 2:00pm

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Prepare for landing…please make sure your personal assets are properly secured and company balance sheets are in the upright and pristine position.

Will the economy experience a soft landing, as the Federal Reserve is suggesting, or will stubborn inflation and rising interest rates cause the economic landing to be a bit bumpy and experience a recession?

In 2023, the Federal Reserve will continue to battle inflation and hike interest rates reaching its terminal rate in the first half of the year, as inflation slowly dissipates. This will cause economic activity to slow, perhaps to a recession-like pace and cause financial markets to be choppy. We think the economic landing will be bumpy, experiencing a short-lived, mild recession.

Prepare for landing…buckle up.


Held in conjunction with BankBeat, your premier source for community banking news and insights, this webinar will be presented by KC Mathews, Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for UMB Bank. An industry veteran of more than 25 years, KC Mathews oversees UMB’s investment strategy and is responsible for the oversight of $10 billion in assets for the company.

KC earned his MBA from the University of Notre Dame after completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota. He also attended the American Bankers Association National Trust School at Northwestern and completed an advanced education investment management program at the Harvard Business School.



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