The Return to Normalcy

Guest Presenter: Natalie Regan
Webinar Date: August 24, 2021
Webinar Time (CST): 10:00am

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Are we already there and don’t know it? Is it still a ways off?

After extreme intervention from the Federal Reserve in March of 2020 due to a pandemic that hit every single economy hard, financial institutions had quite the challenge when it came to generating the same positive earnings. As the majority of bank balance sheets saw huge growth in deposits with slowing loan activity, yields in the fixed income market were less than appealing to fall back on. Over a year later, yields have rebounded well but are nowhere near the highs we have seen in the past several years. Some investors are still waiting to see what happens before becoming fully invested again while some investors never stopped. No two investors are exactly alike, so convictions are tailored to their own needs. On the other hand, all investors are operating under the same economic conditions and have the same menu to choose from when it comes to making investment decisions. This webinar will cover the progress that has been made in our economy post-pandemic, where we could be headed based on historical data and which decision(s) could be made regarding fixed income portfolios that will influence current and future earnings.

This webinar is presented by BankBeat in partnership with Country Club Bank Capital Markets Group.


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