Huntington to acquire TCF

Huntington Bancshares, Columbus, Ohio, has agreed to acquire TCF Financial, Detroit, in a deal with a market value of about $22 billion. In a $6 billion all-stock merger, the combined companies will be among the top 10 U.S. regional banks with dual headquarters in Detroit and Columbus. The bank will operate under the Huntington name. [Continue]

Indiana banker values words, community

Almost every Friday morning for the past 10 years, Kathy Schoettlin’s voice is heard on the local radio. Fueled by fruit and coffee and likely without much sleep, she presents $100 to a local charity in exchange for airtime. Born at the border of Kentucky, she speaks with a slight southern twang, and with careful consideration. Choosing her words, she said, is as important a task as caring for her community. [Continue]

Colorado banker gets the job done

Rebecca Diaz is not a perfectionist. “There’s this expression: GETMO. Good enough to move on,” Diaz explained. “Sometimes you need that philosophy in your life.” Diaz is acutely aware of women’s tendency to abstain from a job application because every prerequisite wasn’t met to a tee. But with experience and working with women along the way, she learned how to run with the big dogs, though her golf skills are still lacking. [Continue]

Michigan banker trail-blazes with transparency

When Michigan legalized recreational cannabis, Edith Farrell, the Bank Secrecy Act officer at Union Bank, Lake Odessa, was in staunch opposition. Well-versed in compliance, Farrell was content to analyze customer data and loan activity. She never expected she’d be the voice advocating for Union Bank to be one of the first in the state to bank the marijuana industry. [Continue]

Fed sets a table for bankers looking for CRA funding opportunities

Partnerships with community organizations are critical for banks to meet their CRA responsibilities. Working on their own, banks can spend days just vetting organizations for CRA-eligible funds, and community groups often struggle to get banks to bite. Through a program called Investment Connection, eight Federal Reserve Banks are taking  a “shark tank,” or speed-dating approach to the set-up, assembling a neighborhood of options. [Continue]