North Dakotan embodies empathetic leadership

Though Jeremy Skoglund is a North Dakotan, he’s always been a Cubs fan. As a baseball player growing up, he played in any position he was needed. “Shortstop, pitcher, catcher — wherever.” Skoglund, currently a trust officer at First Western Bank & Trust, Bismarck, N.D., has taken a similar approach to his career in banking. [Continue]

New app rewards savers with cash prizes

Chris Campbell, senior partner at Centier Bank, Whiting, Ind., was introduced to the 50-30-20 guideline to savings as a kid mowing lawns and babysitting in his Ohio hometown. At that point, however, the “essential” 50 percent of the loot often comprised candy bars and baseball cards, and the other two categories were for charity and savings.  [Continue]

Businesses large and small brace for change

Christy Baker left her job in the banking industry in February to start a bank consulting firm and, with her husband, open Destination Coffee and Cuisine in Oakland, Iowa. She planned for the shop’s construction and inventory, and made scrupulous arrangements with her bank for her consulting kick-off. She did not expect, nor plan, to hold her first meeting as an operational strategist virtually. [Continue]