‘Numbers man’ continues to serve South Dakota bank

Kent Edson has always been a numbers person. Although he grew up on a farm, Edson didn’t want to be a farmer, so he never took any ag classes. In high school, he worked with the state as an engineer’s aid for an interstate highway system in Sioux Falls, so he thought he’d be an engineer. His high school bookkeeping teacher, however, told him he really should be a CPA. [Continue]

Departing wisdom from IBA’s Linda Koch

As part of Linda Koch’s job as president and chief executive officer of the Illinois Bankers Association, she’s driven the wrong way down a couple too many one-way streets. While traversing rural southern Illinois on her way to visit member banks, she has screamed in fear of crashing into rogue cows as IBA’s members relations manager sat laughing behind the wheel. [Continue]