Deposits are ready to move

Banks are faced with two disparate pictures when they look at their cost of funds in 2022. Funding costs are not exploding, thus far anyway, from the highest performing banks on down. Consumers, on the other hand, are treated to more and better options for safety and higher yield with each passing month. It’s a funding landscape not seen since before the 2008 financial crisis.  [Continue]

Minnesota’s Bridgewater Bank takes culture, growth seriously

Mary Jayne Crocker, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Twin Cities-based Bridgewater Bank, speaks about the bank’s unconventional culture and how it attracts and retains talent. Transparency, accountability, continuity and recognition all play important roles, from onboarding to discerning when an employee is no longer a cultural fit. [Continue]

Crisis an opportunity to find, nurture top talent

This is a moment where community banks can ride this wave to poach some really good talent. On the technological front, there are folks who may have fast-tracked some of their technological strategies around disaster and continuity planning and equipment. [Continue]