COVID-19 roils the ag economy

Although farmers and ranchers are resilient and used to adversity, all aspects of their lives and industries have been affected to some degree by COVID-19, whether mentally or physically. Here, regional ag banking experts way in on the impact of the pandemic and the economic downturn have had on the country’s ag industry. [Continue]

Agricultural roundup

Rows of soy plants in a field

In late 2019, when ag bankers reflected on the year and forecast expectations for 2020, they foresaw classic perennial challenges: bad weather and low commodity prices. What 2020 actually delivered would have been hard to predict. No one has been immune from the struggles the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought on the nation’s health or the economy, including farmers and their community banking partners. [Continue]

Workforce under stress

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the United States to a crisis point this spring, leaders at banks worked to figure out what was next for their businesses and their staff. Balancing the bottom line with staffing needs has required collaboration and breaking teams out of silos — from a safe distance — while also relying on HR staff’s already established relationships inside the bank. [Continue]

Pandemic impacts bank internships

While banks kept work flowing in early spring through social distancing measures and remote workforces, they had to make quick decisions about another key program without knowing when the COVID-19 crisis would end or how bad it would get. Should they bring on board their interns? Or did the ever-changing nature of the crisis make that idea too complicated and risky? [Continue]