Rising Stars 2023: Charlie Bauman

In the waning days of 2021, Charlie Bauman was asked to consider the following proposition: Leave his position at a profitable and respected banking organization to join what organizers hoped would soon be the first de novo bank to open in the region in 14 years. [Continue]

Do you know who’s reading your emails?

Security experts have been telling bankers for years that the weakest link in their cybersecurity defense is their own people. I have to agree, mostly because this has happened to me before.  [Continue]

Amazing Outside Directors 2023: Michael Felts

Michael Felts, a businessman who until recently operated a string of convenience stores across rural Kansas, had already served on the board of Citizens Bank of Kansas for a decade when the unthinkable happened: The man who’d recruited him, longtime owner and Board Chair Max Deterding, died unexpectedly.  [Continue]