Why the data behind sales performance matters

Many industries will not hire a salesperson without an evaluation to determine the candidate’s skill level. While a robust resume or a smooth interview can easily impress, assessing actual skill levels can reveal critical tendencies and potential weaknesses that CEOs need to know before making a job offer. Banks realize that they need to know this same information about their current sales team. [Continue]

Three challenges facing your sales team

Elite salespeople have mastered many skills, including positioning their value to prospects and clients as well as following a stage-based sales process. Even the cream of the sales team crop, however, can struggle with these three sales challenges. [Continue]

Sales training tips for the remote banking environment

It’s no surprise that, with continuing pandemic issues and concerns, many clients and prospects are avoiding our bank lobbies. And why not, with online access to almost everything? So how will your salespeople continue to build relationships and keep your best customers? During these times, they must be proficient at reaching out and communicating effectively and consistently. This is key for most banks to sustain and build relationships, grow loans and achieve higher net interest margins. [Continue]

7 Steps for prospecting and building relationships

All of the banks we work with must do outbound lead generation and relationship building and many do not have the luxury of filling their sales pipeline with inbound leads. Like most things, if you have a plan and stick to the plan, outbound selling will be more effective. If you are a sales leader or a salesperson in need of an outbound prospecting strategy, here are 7 steps to improve your success. [Continue]