Political wrangling likely to reignite as Mulvaney’s term ends

Leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is likely to become a hot political topic again. Mick Mulvaney was appointed to lead the CFPB as by President Donald Trump last November after the previous leader, Richard Cordray, resigned to run for Governor of Ohio. Cordray resigned before the end of his statutory term, however, and President Trump  appointed Mulvaney as “acting director” until a permanent director could be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. That temporary appointment ends June 22. [Continue]

Rats have the run of remodeled CFPB headquarters

News surfaced last week of trouble at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but the issues had nothing to do with President Trump or federal court decisions. Instead, reports indicated that the lavish new CFPB headquarters is infested with literal rodents. [Continue]

Court denies CFPB suit for restitution against lender

Earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was dealt a setback in federal court in California.

The bureau was seeking penalties and restitution from a lender for violations of law. The court agreed with the CFPB in levelling a $10 million fine but denied the bureau’s bid to assess $287 million in restitution and penalties. [Continue]