Amazing Outside Directors 2024: Paula Phillippe

Paula Phillippe photo

Over the last 25 years, Paula Phillippe has been on a lot of boards ranging from food shelves to theater, engineering to securities. When it comes to corporate boards, she gravitates toward community banks, though.  [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2023: Janice Spooner

Janice Spooner is a “firm believer in creating exceptional experiences,” she says, and the nomination she received for BankNews’ Outstanding Woman in Banking supports that description. [Continue]

Outstanding Women 2023: Amy Meyer

Sartell, Minn.-based BankVista Senior Vice President, CFO and Chief Credit Officer Amy Meyer is one of BankBeat’s 2023 “Outstanding Women in Banking.” [Continue]

Meeting needs with a neobank

Successful people reimagine how things should be done, according to entrepreneur Mark Cuban. “They don’t ask people what they would want. They envision a complete reapplication. Then they decide what to do with what they just created.” With that definition, Totem Bank could end up being the poster child for entrepreneurial success.  [Continue]

Filling a Native Niche

Bank building photo

Offering financial services to members of Federally recognized tribes can be a complicated endeavor. In order to meet those needs, different solutions have been created. [Continue]