Getting to win-win through negotiation

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Excellent leaders possess strong negotiation skills. Yet the art of negotiating successfully is rare these days. As many organizations transition to their next generation of leaders, soft skills training, which includes negotiation skills, seem to be forgotten. I consider negotiation skills to be a key trait for up-and-coming leaders to succeed in the marketplace. [Continue]

Are you a leader in the making?

Some people may think that being a leader is an easy task and it’s not. They only focus on the outside, perceived benefits of leaders such as the big titles, having people reporting to them, making the big decisions for the companies they lead, and usually having a high salary. [Continue]

Melissa Johnston’s 3 insights on leadership

For leaders, the ability to self start and execute to conclusion with thoroughness, accountability and adherence to a core set of values during good times and bad is key, says the senior vice president/senior business banker at Highland Bank, St. Michael, Minn. [Continue]

Erin Procko’s 3 insights on leadership

Erin Procko, president-Minneapolis, Twin Cities Banking Director for Bell Bank, Fargo, N.D., offers her insights into what it takes to be a leader and how others can nurture their leadership talents. [Continue]

Aleesha Webb’s 3 insights on leadership

Minnesota banker Aleesha Webb, vice chair of the board at Village Bank, St. Francis, Minn., shares how she’s nurtured her leadership talents and offers others advice on how they might someday lead too. [Continue]

Talent management program facilitates seamless succession

The best way to approach management succession planning is by taking a broad perspective. Instead of focusing on the potential problem of succession planning for top positions, consider a talent management program to address succession planning at all levels. [Continue]

Mentoring can change lives

I believe in mentoring. It changes people’s lives. You want to make a difference? You want to impact someone’s life? You want to leave a legacy? Mentor someone. [Continue]