Petersen enjoys wearing many hats at Twin Cities start-up

It took some chutzpah for Jerry Baack, Jeff Shellberg, and Rachael Petersen to start Bridgewater Bank, from scratch in 2005, when economists and finance experts aplenty were claiming that there were too many banks. Six years and 23 profitable quarters later, however, their boldness has paid off. Bridgewater Bank, in Bloomington, Minn., is now a … Read more

Life-long learning gives Minneapolis banker a boost

Sue Sjoselius, the marketing director/retail manager of Minneapolis’s Northeast Bank, almost wasn’t a banker at all. Thanks to a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work, she’s one of this year’s Outstanding Women in Banking. The luck came when Sjoselius – pronounced “show-SEE-lee-us” – was looking for a part-time job 26 years … Read more

Ag Update

Times are good, and if risk is managed effectively, rural markets should remain strong for quite some time. [Continue]

Banks turn to Bonds

As loan demand flounders, community banks are increasingly beefing up their holdings of municipal bonds. How safe are these traditionally reliable investments? [Continue]