Amazing Outside Directors 2023: Steve M. Scheel

Steve M. Scheel knew it was the right fit. Eight years ago, Bell Bank President and CEO Michael Solberg and his father, board chair Richard Solberg, asked the Scheels CEO to become an outside director to bring a retail-minded leader to the board of their growing bank. [Continue]

Bullard: Interest rate above 5 percent likely this year

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President and CEO James Bullard predicted the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee will raise interest rates to over 5 percent this year to ensure that inflation returns to its long-term 2 percent target. Bullard discussed the Fed’s approach to taming inflation and outlined his economic predictions for the coming year. [Continue]

Missouri community banker brings hustle to role as 2022-23 ABA chair

Accurately describing the career of Missouri community banker Dan Robb requires understanding the mindset shared by successful visionaries across all industries: An extraordinary work ethic, the foresight to accept opportunities others turn down, and the intelligence to decipher patterns that many fail to see.   [Continue]

BankBeat’s top 5 stories of 2022

2022 was an eventful year for community bankers. Worsening economic conditions marked by rising interest rates and high inflation continued to raise recessionary fears even as the country continued to emerge from the depths of the pandemic. [Continue]