Straight talk: Pro-active clean-up

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty recently quipped that if the United States wants to destabilize the economy of a hostile nation, it should load a C-130 with mortgage bankers and dump them over the area from 30,000 feet. The only thing worse than being a banker these days is being a mortgage banker. Trouble is, most … Read more

Straight Talk: Crisis-tested character

Randy Newman, chairman and CEO of Alerus Financial, proudly showed me around Grand Forks, N.D., the town that was almost wiped off the map by a flood a decade ago. Newman is North•Western Financial Review’s 2008 Banker of the Year. Newman has an inspiring story, which we tell beginning on page 10, but I learned … Read more

Straight talk: Kudos to S.D. and CSBS

Congratulations to the South Dakota Division of Banking, which received accreditation from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors on Oct. 31. CSBS performs a valuable service to the industry and to the country, by setting standards of professionalism for the state regulatory departments. South Dakota is the 46th state to be accredited since the accreditation … Read more