Banker at center of growing community

Daniel Padilla moved with his wife and three kids to the United States from Guatemala in 1993. He came with a business administration degree and an interest in the hotel/hospitality industry, but after a brief time working for an American hotel he took a job at First National Bank of Omaha, Neb. It was a … Read more

Banker makes boss, community look good

Bryan Bruns formed some of his strongest ideals while away from his Annandale, Minn., home,  but the ideals tended to have a hometown connection just the same. His best career advice came while he was working at a summer camp. Bruns didn’t get along well with his boss at first, and he mentioned that fact … Read more

A 10-year track from farm to bank presidency

Pat Artz decided to hit the road after college. More specifically, the North Dakota State University graduate began what he now calls a “nomadic” existence as a custom harvester. Each year he trekked south from his home acreage in North Dakota to Oklahoma, whence he operated a combine for farm clients all along the 800-odd-mile … Read more