is the premier online source for timely or breaking community banking news. is the perfect complement to our monthly print magazine BankBeat (formerly NorthWestern Financial Review), which offers in-depth articles that analyze and inform the most important trends, topics and issues in the industry. The name BankBeat signals a renewed commitment to people who work in banking. When something is alive, it has a beat, and we believe banking is very much alive. In journalism, reporters cover a “beat,” and for us, the only beat is banking.


Meet the people at BankBeat

Tom Bengtson

Tom Bengtson

Julie Morgan_0001_cropped_500x500

Julie Morgan

Directories Editor
Anna Cushing_0005_cropped_500x500

Anna Cushing

Associate Editor
Kristi Wagner_0001_cropped_500x500

Kristi Wagner

Circulation and Office Manager
Jennifer Sayers_cropped_500x500

Jennifer Sayers

Advertising Sales Executive
Jackie Hilgert_0001_cropped_500x500

Jacqueline Nasseff Hilgert

Taylor Cabine_0006_cropped_500x500

Taylor Cabine

Creative Operations Director

Ella Goans_0005_cropped_500x500

Ella Goans

Data Specialist/Production Assistant
Kawar Paw_DSC03052_cropped_500x500

Kawar Paw

Publication Designer
Anna Burgess Yang_cropped_500x500

Anna Burgess Yang

Contributing Editor
Mara Gawarecki_0006_cropped_500x500

Mara Gawarecki

Managing Editor-Digital
Valerie Fischer_cropped_500x500

Valerie Fischer

Advertising Sales Account Executive
Paula Norris_0002_cropped_500x500

Paula Norris

Reader Services & Administration
Lindsay Weber

Lindsay Weber

Editorial Intern

Editorial Contributors

Justin Dullum

Justin Dullum


Liz Wheeler

Agriculture, Communities

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