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Your participation, by providing news tips and event coverage from your bank, allows BankBeat to be the leading source of news and information for the banking industry. Looking for ways to participate in BankBeat?

We are interested in learning about:

  • Personnel Changes – If you hire or promote someone at your bank, send us an email with all the details. Don’t forget to send photos!
  • Events – Hosting an open house, anniversary celebration, or other event? Opening a new branch? Again, send that photo and tell us all about it.
  • Branding – Has your bank done something unique that the industry needs to know about? We’ll help you tell your story and word will make the rounds! BankBeat is the best way to share industry best practices and innovations.
  • Opinions – Who doesn’t have opinions about banking? BankBeat is the platform to engage the industry with your ideas or point of view. Make your point; send a counterpoint. BankBeat keeps the conversation going.

Send these and other ideas to [email protected].

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