Political wrangling likely to reignite as Mulvaney’s term ends

Leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is likely to become a hot political topic again. Mick Mulvaney was appointed to lead the CFPB as by President Donald Trump last November after the previous leader, Richard Cordray, resigned to run for Governor of Ohio. Cordray resigned before the end of his statutory term, however, and President Trump  appointed Mulvaney as “acting director” until a permanent director could be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. That temporary appointment ends June 22. [Continue]

Uncertainty around ADA website/app compliance leaves banks vulnerable

Lawsuits related to alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act are on the rise and a number of banks have been targeted for inadvertent, technical violations of this federal law. The ADA lawsuits relate to bank websites and mobile apps that are inaccessible to visually impaired consumers. If your website and mobile apps have not been made accessible for purposes of the ADA, your bank is vulnerable. [Continue]