Can tech function like an NPA hawk?

Non-performing assets, otherwise known and feared as loans that no longer generate income, are baked into every bank’s cake. The best efforts to keep the ratio of NPAs to gross loans as low as possible can meet many outside forces, recession being foremost. In the 10 years since the last recession, has technology been developed to help community banks manage NPAs to keep their ratio as low as possible in good times and bad? [Continue]

Airline pioneer proves the power of simplicity

We lost a giant in the business world when Herb Kelleher died on Jan. 3 at the age of 87. Long before innovation and disruption were industry buzzwords, Kelleher was revolutionizing air travel with the late-1960s launch of Southwest Airlines. He opened up air travel to penny-wise consumers who previously had to rely on ground transportation for long distance trips. We can learn a few things from Kelleher. [Continue]