Past Webinars

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Past 2020 Webinar Recordings

Past 2019 Webinar Recordings

  • Training for Success: Balancing Compliance and and Professional Development featuring Briana O'Hara and Katie Koloj of BizLibrary
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 11/7/19
  • Master These 6 Pillars to Build an All-Star Growth Culture at Your Bank featuring Matt Middendorp of Sales Math Consulting LLC
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 10/17/19
  • Why Branding is Crucial in Banking featuring Julie Wilcox and Kristi Poling of Grand Rapids State Bank and Minnesota Lakes Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 9/19/19
  • Bring FUN to your Bank! featuring Sarah Trapp of First National Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 7/18/19
  • Developing Social Media Skills as a Banker featuring Natalie Bartholomew of Grand Savings Bank, #theGirlBanker founder
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 6/20/19
  • Make a Difference: The Importance of Community Engagement featuring Katie Incantalupo of Star Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 5/16/19
  • Negotiating Skills for Success in Community Banking featuring Marci Malzahn of Malzahn Strategic
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 4/18/19
  • Learn to Lead by Navigating Critical Conversations featuring Suzi Kalsow of Bank Midwest and a certified Fierce Conversations facilitator
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 3/21/19
  • Use SBA Financing to Strengthen Your Bank’s Balance Sheet featuring Tom Lyons of Byline Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 2/21/19

2018 Webinar Recordings - organized by topic

Effective Communication

  • Communication Essentials for Everyone at the Bank with Patrick Dix, SHAZAM
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 2/15/18

Eye on the C-Suite?

  • Leveraging Technology: Questions You Should Ask before Spending a Dime with Jeremy Neuharth, Sycorr
    Webinar Recording | Download handout here
    Recorded 9/20/18
  • Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) from Paul Moen, Resultants for Business
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 4/19/18
  • What Everyone in the Bank Needs to Know About Today’s Corporate Governance and Risk Management by William Bojan, Integrated Governance Solutions
    Webinar Recording
    Recorded 3/15/18
  • 2018 Economic Insights from KC Mathews, UMB Bank EVP/CIO
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 1/4/18

Managing Your Career

  • Benefits Of A Personal Brand with Natalie Bartholomew, founder of theGirlBanker blog and CMO at Grand Savings Bank
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 11/15/18
  • Career Management for Success at Your Bank featuring Chris Wrecza, ExecuSearch Solutions Inc. & Daniel Roberts, Minnesota Bank & Trust
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 5/17/18
  • Long-Haul Follow-Up: Routines for Building Profitable Banking Relationships That Last for Years with Matt Middendorp, Sales Math Consulting
    Webinar Recording | Download handout here
    Recorded 8/16/18
  • Mentoring Relationships – How Having a Mentor and Being a Mentor Helps You Succeed in Your Career featuring Marci Malzahn, Malzahn Strategic
    Webinar Recording | story, click here 
    Recorded 6/21/18
  • Your Plans and the Bank’s Plans, Are they Aligned? with Dr. Robert Preston, Northern State University, School of Business
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 7/19/18

Social Media

  • Creating Engagement Through Social Media with Ryan Schuster, Bell Bank
    Webinar Recording |Hockey Day Minnesota YouTube video shown in the webinar
    Recorded 10/18/18


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