Past Webinars

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Past 2020 Webinar Recordings

  • Anti-Money Laundering Opportunities for Midsized Banks featuring Pawneet Abramowski of Community Federal Savings Bank, Allen Sellars of Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management, Colin Whitmore of Aite Group, and Jane Zimmerman of Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
  • Recover - Lessons Learned featuring Becki Drahota of Mills Marketing
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides | Webinar Handout
  • Balance Sheet Strategies for this Low Rate Environment featuring David Farris of the Asset Management Group at Country Club Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
  • Farmer Mac: Your Partner for Successful Ag Real Estate Lending featuring Patrick Kerrigan, Sarah Prince and Scott Steveson of Farmer Mac
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
  • The Power Your Third-Party Risk Program Can Deliver in Challenging Times featuring David Klein of ProcessUnity and Leslie Sloan of BitSight
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
  • Post COVID-19 Business Lending Agility – 5 Takeaways featuring David O'Connell of Aite Group and Chris Zingo of Finastra
    Webinar Slides
  • UMB 2020 Economic Forecast: The Dominos are Wobbling featuring KC Mathews and Stephen Kitts of UMB Bank, N.A.
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
  • Third-Party Risk Management: Best Practices for an Effective and Efficient Program featuring Ed Thomas of ProcessUnity
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 2/19/20
  • Third-Party Risk Management: Key Steps to Maturing Your Program featuring Todd Boehler of ProcessUnity and Chris Watson of TruSight Solutions
    Recorded 1/23/20

Past 2019 Webinar Recordings

  • Training for Success: Balancing Compliance and and Professional Development featuring Briana O'Hara and Katie Koloj of BizLibrary
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 11/7/19
  • Master These 6 Pillars to Build an All-Star Growth Culture at Your Bank featuring Matt Middendorp of Sales Math Consulting LLC
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 10/17/19
  • Why Branding is Crucial in Banking featuring Julie Wilcox and Kristi Poling of Grand Rapids State Bank and Minnesota Lakes Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 9/19/19
  • Bring FUN to your Bank! featuring Sarah Trapp of First National Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 7/18/19
  • Developing Social Media Skills as a Banker featuring Natalie Bartholomew of Grand Savings Bank, #theGirlBanker founder
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 6/20/19
  • Make a Difference: The Importance of Community Engagement featuring Katie Incantalupo of Star Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 5/16/19
  • Negotiating Skills for Success in Community Banking featuring Marci Malzahn of Malzahn Strategic
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 4/18/19
  • Learn to Lead by Navigating Critical Conversations featuring Suzi Kalsow of Bank Midwest and a certified Fierce Conversations facilitator
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 3/21/19
  • Use SBA Financing to Strengthen Your Bank’s Balance Sheet featuring Tom Lyons of Byline Bank
    Webinar Recording | Webinar Slides
    Recorded 2/21/19

2018 Webinar Recordings - organized by topic

Effective Communication

  • Communication Essentials for Everyone at the Bank with Patrick Dix, SHAZAM
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 2/15/18

Eye on the C-Suite?

  • Leveraging Technology: Questions You Should Ask before Spending a Dime with Jeremy Neuharth, Sycorr
    Webinar Recording | Download handout here
    Recorded 9/20/18
  • Leveraging the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) from Paul Moen, Resultants for Business
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 4/19/18
  • What Everyone in the Bank Needs to Know About Today’s Corporate Governance and Risk Management by William Bojan, Integrated Governance Solutions
    Webinar Recording
    Recorded 3/15/18
  • 2018 Economic Insights from KC Mathews, UMB Bank EVP/CIO
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 1/4/18

Managing Your Career

  • Benefits Of A Personal Brand with Natalie Bartholomew, founder of theGirlBanker blog and CMO at Grand Savings Bank
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 11/15/18
  • Career Management for Success at Your Bank featuring Chris Wrecza, ExecuSearch Solutions Inc. & Daniel Roberts, Minnesota Bank & Trust
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 5/17/18
  • Long-Haul Follow-Up: Routines for Building Profitable Banking Relationships That Last for Years with Matt Middendorp, Sales Math Consulting
    Webinar Recording | Download handout here
    Recorded 8/16/18
  • Mentoring Relationships – How Having a Mentor and Being a Mentor Helps You Succeed in Your Career featuring Marci Malzahn, Malzahn Strategic
    Webinar Recording | story, click here 
    Recorded 6/21/18
  • Your Plans and the Bank’s Plans, Are they Aligned? with Dr. Robert Preston, Northern State University, School of Business
    Webinar Recording | story, click here
    Recorded 7/19/18

Social Media

  • Creating Engagement Through Social Media with Ryan Schuster, Bell Bank
    Webinar Recording |Hockey Day Minnesota YouTube video shown in the webinar
    Recorded 10/18/18


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