Engage NFR Communications to connect with bankers

NFR Communications, the publisher of and its print counterpart BankBeat magazine, has through its 2019 acquisition of BankNews, two banking-focused media stalwarts to help your company make an impact with decision-makers in this dynamic industry. We are focused on the central corridor of the country, where most of the nation's community banks call home.

The BankBeat readership area is shown below in green. The BankNews readership is shown in orange. If your market is community banks, we've got you covered.

You can also target certain markets by advertising in any number of the magazines we produce for state banker associations. These states are denoted in light blue on the second map. Additionally, we offer advertising opportunities in a number of financial institution directories we produce; find those states outlined in navy blue.

Beneath the maps, you will find detailed information on all of our products. Simply click the product name to learn more. Our Senior Vice President of Business Development, Greg McCurry, is ready to help you maximize your marketing dollars by targeting print plus digital, or selecting from an array of specialty products. Reach him at [email protected] or call (952) 835-2275. provides timely news on community banking every business day. The site regularly attracts 15,000 unique visitors per month, and your ads can easily get 25,000 impressions. We offer eight zones to choose from, one for every budget. Insertions available monthly. Print/digital combos available.

  • Zone 1 — Header, 728 x 90: $750/month
  • Zone 2 — Sidebar 1, 300 x 250: $500/month
  • Zone 3 — Sidebar 2, 300 x 250: $450/month
  • Zone 4 — Section Break 1, 728 x 90: $500/month
  • Zone 5 — Section Break 2, 728 x 90: $450/month
  • Zone 6 — Section Break 3, 728 x 90: $400/month
  • Zone 7 — In Article, 300 x 250: $300/month
  • Zone 8 — After Article, 728 x 90: $250/month

PDF direct download is available here.

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to schedule a placement today.

BankBeat monthly magazine is mailed on a paid subscription / complimentary basis to 2,800 bankers and senior industry officials in 12 states. The pass-along rate gives the magazine a reach of more than 5,000 people, making approximately 20,000 impressions over the course of the month.

Advertising Rates:

2022 Editorial Calendar

January: Banker of the Year; State of De Novos
February: Culture — DEI & People; Niche Lending
March: Banker Education; Amazing Outside Directors
April: Bank Architecture; Branch Considerations; Mobile Banking
May: Spirit of Community Banking Award; Agriculture
June: Managing Tech; Fintech Partnerships
July: Rising Stars in Banking
August: 2022 Resource Guide
September: Surveying the M&A Landscape
October: Regulation, Compliance and Risk Management
November: Outstanding Women in Banking
December: A Look Back; A Look Forward

View more details here.

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to schedule a placement today.

BankNews is mailed on a complimentary basis to nearly 3,500 bankers in 8 states. The pass-along rate gives the magazine a reach of nearly 8,000 people, making approximately 16,000 impressions over the course of a two-month period.

Advertising Rates:

Editorial Calendar

January/February: Buyers' Guide; A Look Forward
March/April: Trends in Community Banking
May/June: Technology
July/August: Leadership & Succession Planning
September/October: Community Bank M&A—The Issues
November/December: Agricultural Roundup; Compliance and Risk Management

Download PDF details here.

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With financial institutions continually striving to remain up-to-date and competitive in an ever changing industry, it has never been more important to keep your company's products and services in front of decision-makers when they are ready to buy. The BankBeat Resource Guide and the BankNews Buyer's Guide are a great way to accomplish this goal. Both publications are created annually as a reference tool that provides a long shelf life. Readers have a tendency to keep a copy around all year, so when they need a product or service, they have a resource at their fingertips.

Let these products work year-round to enhance your company's brand and increase company sales.

BankNews Buyer's Guide (published every December; reserve space by Nov. 15)

Sponsorship Package: $4,995 (limited to one company)

  • Full Page ad, outside back cover
  • Full Page ad, inside front cover
  • Expanded listing in 3 categories, with logos 
  • 3 banner ads in 2022 BankBeat eNews editions of your choice
  • 3 month digital ad placement on

Platinum Package: $3,995 (limited to one company)

  • Full page ad, inside back cover
  • Full-page ad, inside premium placement 
  • Expanded listing in 3 categories, with logos
  • 1 banner ad in 2022 BankBeat eNews edition of your choice
  • 1 month banner ad on

Additional packages available; something for every budget, ranging from $300 to $2,495. Download our informational sheet

BankBeat Resource Guide (published every August; reserve space by June 25)

Profile Listing: $195

  • Logo
  • Company contact information
  • 35 word description
  • Appears both in print and online

Profile Article: $1,495

  • All the information provided above
  • One half-page (350-word) article on your area of expertise

Additional packages available; something for every budget, ranging from $300 to $2,495. Download our Resource Guide informational sheet

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to schedule a placement today.

The BankBeat Weekly E-News is the premier weekly e-newsletters for community financial institutions. Delivered every Thursday, each edition provides commentary on industry trends, and shares need-to-know national and regional news and updates that affect the banking industry. This is one of our most popular offerings and availability is limited.

Prices for a medium rectangle ranges from $300 to $650 depending on frequency. Native Advertising, which pairs a display ad with a description, is available. Contact Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 for information and pricing.

PS: Our header is reserved through 2022.

PDF direct download is available here.

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to schedule a placement today.

Partner with NFR Communications to produce a top-quality Webinar that is a great tool for delivering and driving lead generation. We offer two options:

Premium Package: $4,995 ($11,600 value)

  • Unlimited number of registrants
  • Webinar presentation for up to 1 hour (up to 2 keynote speakers)
  • Web banner ad on for 30 days prior to webinar date
  • Digital banner ads in the BankBeat Weekly E-news
  • 3 webinar registration eBlasts sent to banking professionals nationwide
  • Recorded webinar will remain on for an extended time
  • Full list of ALL webinar registrants (email, name, phone, company, job title, state, etc.)
  • Boosted on social media to promote.

Limited availability.

Basic Package: $2,995 ($5,800 value)

  • Number of registrants capped at 60
  • Webinar presentation for 30 minutes (1 keynote speaker)
  • Web banner ad on for 30 days prior
  • Display banner ads in BankBeat E-news
  • 2 webinar registration e-Blast emails sent to banking professionals nationwide.
  • Full list of ALL webinar registrants (email, name, phone, company, job title, state, etc.)

PDF direct download is available here.

Contact Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to book your webinar today!

A Single-Sponsored e-Blast is a powerful marketing tool to promote your products and services or events. Delivered to BankBeat's list of active and engaged followers, your e-Blast gets premium visibility. We can help you design the message, or you can provide drag-and-drop graphics. Either way, there's no better way to distinguish your company and reach a highly-engaged audience.

Advertising rates:

1X — $2,400

3X — $1,950

6X — $1,450

12X — $1,000

To learn more and book your Single Sponsored e-Blast today, call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275.

PDF direct download is available here.

Video is the fastest growing communications medium. Take your marketing program to the next level with the BankBeat Video Blog — #QuickTakes.

Our editorial team conducts a recorded interview to capture your intelligent take on industry developments, including your role in your company, product or solution. Interviews are roughly 10 minutes in length. Interview formats can include you and a customer, or you individually.

Your recording includes:

  • Ability to share your video with prospects and customers.
  • Ability to link video on your website.
  • Your video will be housed at for at least one year.

Prices start at $1,995.

PDF direct download is available here.

Contact Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 for more information.

With in-person meetings diminished across the industry, it can be a challenge to keep up with folks in your established network — and nearly impossible to make meaningful connections that lead to new business. If only there was a way for people you have not yet met to get to know you better! "Faces of..." is the solution.

Working with NFR Communications, you can create "Faces of..." content for your company to shine a light on the personalities in your organization. We deliver the content in print and digitally.

Prices start at $2,150. Download our informational sheet

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to schedule a placement today.

Florida Banking magazine

Florida Banking, the official publication of the Florida Bankers Association, is the premier publication in one of the nation’s fastest-growing bank markets, with more than 300 banks and savings institutions, plus 4,500 branches. And Florida Banking covers an impressive 94 percent of these banks and savings institutions. Published 11 times a year, Florida Banking has a circulation of more than 6,000 — reaching deep into this important and very lucrative market.

Each issue includes the latest association news, features about notable banks and bankers throughout the state, and updates on legislation and policy at the state and national levels.

Click here for advertising information.

FBA Bulletin

FBA Bulletin is the official electronic newsletter of the Florida Bankers Association. Published once a month, the Bulletin reaches more than 5,000 Florida banking professionals throughout the state. Each issue features the latest updates from the Florida Bankers Association, plus banking news from around Florida on a wide range of topics of importance to today's banking decision-makers, from compliance and operations, to digital banking, business development and fintech. 

Click here for advertising information.

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to schedule a placement today.

Western Banker magazine is the official publication of the Western Bankers Association. Published six times per year and reaching 1,200 institutions, Western Banker offers a way to connect to C-suite executives and HR and marketing professionals in western United States region that includes Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and the U.S. Territories.

The highly-regarded Western Banker offers an engaged readership and the connections you seek.

2022 Editorial Calendar

  • Jan/Feb: Looking Forward
  • Mar/Apr: Training/Professional Development/HR
  • May/June: Women in Banking
  • July/Aug: Lending/Legal/Director Issues
  • Sept/Oct: Cannabis Banking
  • Nov/Dec: Regulatory Compliance/Cryptocurrencies


Full and partial ads available, starting at $700 per insertion. Multi-insertion discounts available. Premium positions open.

PDF direct download is available here.

Call Greg McCurry at 952-835-2275 to learn more and schedule a placement today.

NFR Communications is one of the nation's leading publishers of state and regional bank directories — with directories available in print and online editions. Our directories offer a variety of cost-effective advertising opportunities, including cover positions, premium pages, Yellow Pages, and for some directories, tab positions.

Discover how NFR Communications can help you target your marketing by state or region through one of these directories:

  • CBAI Directory of Illinois Financial Institutions
  • CBAO Directory of Oklahoma Financial Institutions
  • Indiana Directory of Financial Institutions
  • Kansas*, Missouri*, Mountain States (CO, MT, NM, UT, WY), Nebraska and Oklahoma Black Books
  • MIBA Membership and Financial Resource Directory
  • Texas Banking Red Book*

We have one-sheets for each book. 

Call Jennifer Sayers at 515-681-2443, or email her at [email protected] to learn more.

*Published in Spring and Fall

Print Magazine Specs


Bleed: Please use 0.125” bleed (8.375” x 11.125”)
Live Area: Keep live matter within 0.5” from trim (7” x 10”)
Trim: 8.125” x 10.875”

½ Vertical - 4.5" x 7.5"
½ Horizontal - 7" x 5"
1/3 Square - 4.5" x 5"
1/3 Vertical - 2.125" x 10"
¼ Square - 4.5" x 3.75"
¼ Horizontal - 7" x 2.125"
⅔ Vertical - 4.5" x 10"

Back Cover Specs - Florida Banking

Bleed: Please use 0.125” bleed on the sides and bottom(8.375” x 8.75”)
Live Area: Keep live matter within 0.5” from trim (7.5” x 8”)
Trim: 8.125” x 8.63”


PDF/x1a files are preferred. All fonts must be outlined or embedded. The color space must be CMYK or Grayscale. No RGB, LAB or embedded color profiles (such as ICC profiles). EPS or TIFF files are also acceptable. All images must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Line art should be saved as 1200 dpi TIFF.

Back Cover specs for BankBeat and BankNews are the same as the full page ad specs

Digital ad specs for E-news 

E-news medium rectangle: 300 x 250 PX
E-news header: 750 X 250 PX
E-news native ad: 140 X 240 PX

Full details on E-news advertising here.

Digital ad specs for 

Header/Rectangle: 728 X 90 PX (Zones 1, 4, 5, 6, 8)
Medium Rectangle: 300 X 250 PX (Zones 2, 3, 7)

Full details on ad specs here.