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If you have a message for bankers then you've come to the right place. BankBeat is the region's premier electronic+print publication with the ability to place your message before decision-makers in the banking industry every day, every week and every month.

BankBeat delivers. Scroll through our media kit below.  For additional information, contact Valerie Fischer at [email protected] or call (913)-261-7055.

2020 Media Kit_web (1)



Bleed: Please use 0.125” bleed (8.375” x 11.125”)
Live Area: Keep live matter within 0.5” from trim (7” x 10”)
Trim: 8.125” x 10.875”

  • ½ Vertical - 4.5" x 7.5"
  • ½ Horizontal - 7" x 5"
  • 1/3 Square - 4.5" x 5"
  • 1/3 Vertical - 2.125" x 10"
  • ¼ Square - 4.5" x 3.75"
  • ¼ Horizontal - 7" x 2.125"

PDF/x1a files are preferred. All fonts must be outlined or embedded. The color space must be CMYK or Grayscale. No RGB, LAB or embedded color profiles (such as ICC profiles). EPS or TIFF files are also acceptable. All images must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Line art should be saved as 1200 dpi TIFF.

BankBeat monthly magazine is mailed on a paid subscription / complimentary basis to 2,800 bankers and senior industry officials in 12 states. The pass-along rate gives the magazine a reach of more than 5,000 people, making approximately 20,000 impressions over the course of the month. provides timely news on community banking every business day. The site regularly attracts 15,000 unique visitors per month, and your ads can easily get 25,000 impressions. We offer eight zones to choose from, one for every budget. Insertions available monthly. Print/digital combos available.

Zone 1 — Header, 728 x 90: $750/month

Zone 2 — Sidebar 1, 300 x 250: $500/month

Zone 3 — Sidebar 2, 300 x 250: $450/month

Zone 4 — Section Break 1, 728 x 90: $500/month

Zone 5 — Section Break 2, 728 x 90: $450/month

Zone 6 — Section Break 3, 728 x 90: $400/month

Zone 7 — In Article, 300 x 250: $300/month

Zone 8 — After Article, 728 x 90: $250/month

Call Valerie Fisher at 913-261-7055 to schedule a placement today.

The BankBeat Weekly E-News is the premier weekly e-newsletters for community financial institutions. Delivered every Thursday, each edition provides commentary on industry trends, and shares need-to-know national and regional news and updates that affect the banking industry. This is one of our most popular offerings and availability is limited. 

Prices for a medium rectangle ranges from $300 to $650 depending on frequency. Native Advertising, which pairs a display ad with a description, is available. Contact Valerie Fischer at 913-261-7055 for information and pricing.

PS: Our header is reserved through 2021.

Partner with NFR Communications to produce a top-quality Webinar that is a great tool for delivering and driving lead generation. We offer two options:

Premium Package: $4,995 ($11,600 value)

  • Unlimited number of registrants
  • Webinar presentation for up to 1 hour (up to 2 keynote speakers)
  • Web banner ad on for 30 days prior to webinar date
  • Digital banner ads in the BankBeat Weekly E-news
  • 3 webinar registration eBlasts sent to banking professionals nationwide
  • Recorded webinar will remain on for an extended time
  • Full list of ALL webinar registrants (email, name, phone, company, job title, state, etc.)
  • Boosted on social media to promote.

Limited availability.

Basic Package: $2,995 ($5,800 value)

  • Number of registrants capped at 60
  • Webinar presentation for 30 minutes (1 keynote speaker)
  • Web banner ad on for 30 days prior
  • Display banner ads in BankBeat E-news 
  • 2 webinar registration e-Blast emails sent to banking professionals nationwide.
  • Full list of ALL webinar registrants (email, name, phone, company, job title, state, etc.)

Contact Valerie Fisher at 913-261-7055 to book your webinar today!

A Single-Sponsored e-Blast is a powerful marketing tool to promote your products and services or events. Delivered to BankBeat's list of active and engaged followers, your e-Blast gets premium visibility. We can help you design the message, or you can provide drag-and-drop graphics. Either way, there's no better way to distinguish your company and reach a highly-engaged audience.

Advertising rates:

1X — $2,400

3X — $1,950

6X — $1,450

12X — $1,000

To learn more and book your Single Sponsored e-Blast today, call Valerie Fisher at 913-261-7055.

Video is the fastest growing communications medium. Take your marketing program to the next level with the BankBeat Video Blog — #QuickTakes.

Our editorial team conducts a recorded interview to capture your intelligent take on industry developments, including your role in your company, product or solution. Interviews are roughly 10 minutes in length. Interview formats can include you and a customer, or you individually.

Your recording includes:

  • Ability to share your video with prospects and customers.
  • Ability to link video on your website.
  • Your video will be housed at for at least one year.

Prices start at $1,995.

Contact Valerie Fischer at 913-261-7055 for more information.