#QuickTakes: Jack Kasel

Jack Kasel, sales development expert for Anthony Cole Training Group, weighs in on where the opportunities are today, what relationship-building takes in an age of social distancing and what it takes to be a successful salesmen in the current environment. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: David Krause

David Krause, chair of the Minnesota Bankers Association, lays out lessons for the COVID-19 pandemic from previous crises, the impact of the Paycheck Protection Program on small businesses and whether the work-from-home shift remains post-pandemic. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Brian Love

Brian Love, head of depository search with The Travillian Group, lays out how the pandemic is affecting HR and staffing, how community banks’ handling of the PPP rollout helped them and what banking jobs are most in demand now. “It’s easy to speak negatively right now, but it really is an opportunistic time for a … Read more

#QuickTakes: Kevin Olson

Kevin Olson, chair of the Illinois Bankers Association, shares his perspective on the impact COVID-19 is having on banking industry, including adapting on the fly to new lending programs, how this crisis differs from previous challenges and the increased importance of relationship banking. [Continue]