#QuickTakes: Aaron Stoffer

BankBeat’s Tom Bengtson discusses loan pricing with Aaron Stoffer, relationship manager and investment officer at Country Club Bank Capital Markets Group. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Anna Kooi

BankBeat’s Greg McCurry talks about the latest changes and challenges community banks face and how they can they position as a trusted resource with Anna Kooi, National Financial Services Leader and Partner at Wipfli. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Plinqit

BankBeat’s Greg McCurry discusses the importance of financial literacy and saving with Kathleen Craig, founder and CEO of Plinqit, and Roger Sundermeier, Jr., SVP/Chief Branding Officer with First Arkansas Bank & Trust, Jacksonville, Ark. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Sean Doherty

Sean Doherty, President of the Asset Management Group, Inc., at Country Club Bank in Kansas City, Mo., offers an update on CECL implementation and the preparation community banks need to undertake. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: RiskScout

Finding new sources of loans can require a bank to examine markets it hadn’t yet considered, explains Melissa Marsal, executive vice president and chief operating officer, West Town Bank & Trust in Raleigh, N.C. Marsal describes how her bank partnered with RiskScout to identify and work with the hemp industry. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Tony Repanich

Tony Repanich, president and chief operating officer of Shield Compliance, joins BankBeat publisher Tom Bengtson for an interview about the challenges and opportunities of banking the cannabis industry. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: Robert Johnston

BankBeat publisher Tom Bengtson visits with Robert Johnston, CEO and founder of Adlumin, about the current cybersecurity issues facing community banks and they can best tackle the challenges of the environment. [Continue]

#QuickTakes: John Cohron

John Cohron, CEO of JMFA, joins BankBeat Publisher Tom Bengtson to discuss the role of overdraft programs in the current environment, as some bigger banks look to eliminate or reduce them and some Democrat legislators turn increased scrutiny to their usage. [Continue]