The value of the marketing change-up

Marketing in the middle of a global pandemic and the resulting economic turmoil isn’t easy. There’s a fine line to walk between continuing to put your message in front of customers and not seem like you’re trying to profit from dual crises. Use of social media to spread reassurances was a key theme of the earlier stages of the pandemic, with many banks opting to focus on messages of unity and togetherness. [Continue]

Workforce under stress

As the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the United States to a crisis point this spring, leaders at banks worked to figure out what was next for their businesses and their staff. Balancing the bottom line with staffing needs has required collaboration and breaking teams out of silos — from a safe distance — while also relying on HR staff’s already established relationships inside the bank. [Continue]

Faces of Bank Insurance: OneBeacon

Industry roots sprout valued insights to strengthen your bank Uncertainty may be the greatest challenge a banker faces today. Natural disasters occur. Customers slip and fall. Banks are held up. The economy runs like a roller coaster… Having worked my entire career in the industry — first as a banker in New Mexico in the … Read more

KC Fed’s George supports recessionary countermeasures

Since the beginning of her tenure as president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in 2011, Esther George has proven herself “hawkish” as a monetary policymaker. In 2019, George voted against all three Fed Funds rate reductions, saying last September that sluggish economic expansion wasn’t concerning enough to warrant accommodation given historically low unemployment and stable inflation. [Continue]

Fourth-gen banker stewards century-long legacy

As the fourth generation of his family involved in leadership at Peoples Bank, Munster, Ind., Ben Bochnowski knows he has a responsibility to carry on a proud legacy of excellence almost a century deep. A key part of that work has been putting together a stellar team inside Peoples Bank and fostering the development of qualified banking employees in the broader industry. [Continue]

Clock is ticking on CFAP assistance

Back in spring, when the coronavirus first upended American life the supply chain that supports the U.S. dairy industry collapsed. Producers responded by dumping milk down the drain and calling, en masse, for government intervention. Part of the federal response to aggrieved producers is the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. [Continue]

Faces of Core Leadership: DCI

A transformative core culture transforms core customer experiences DCI leads among core technology providers with a historically unique composition of women executives who advance a unique, needed perspective and culture in the industry — one that focuses on listening. The DCI culture has always been defined by a symbiotic relationship with customers, and the conviction … Read more

Novice SBA officer leads PPP charge

When the first round of funding from the Paycheck Protection Program opened the floodgates in April, Nikki Walker sat with fingers poised over the keyboard, ready to wrestle with the Small Business Administration’s E-Tran portal. Walker put in 16-hour days entering applications during the initial rush, working at the head of a team of six reviewing files after lenders had turned in paperwork. All told, the St. Francis, Minn.-based Village Bank processed 329 applications totaling more than $55 million by the time the initial funds ran out. [Continue]