Leadership beyond the bottom line

Andy Anderson of the Bank of Anguilla, is concluding a stint as chair of the Mississippi Bankers Association, as the trade group meets for its annual convention May 11-15 in Destin, Fla. In addition to being president, CEO and CFO of the bank, Anderson is known for his big heart. Recently, Anderson challenged bankers to reach out to someone in their community who needs a friend. [Continue]

Community-wide effort preserves Missouri bank

After working at the Citizens Bank of Rogersville, Mo., for 14 years, Brian VanFosson learned the bank was for sale and spearheaded a community-based campaign to buy the bank. That was late 2012 and since then VanFosson has led the bank, preserving jobs and maintaining profitability and, perhaps most importantly, sustaining a pillar of the Southern Missouri town of 3,900 people. [Continue]

Former banker builds agency to promote equity in talent searches

Insanity, the saying goes, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Finding talent these days requires a new approach, says Clement Marriott, president and founder of Minnesota-based Empowers Staffing. This is especially true for community bankers who are committed to fostering the cultural values of diversity, equity and inclusion. Culture is a selling point, Marriott explained. Candidates, especially candidates of color, assess a bank’s culture from the outside: They look at its “About Us” web page, review its social media feeds, and scroll its list of executives found on LinkedIn. [Continue]

Wisconsin bank finds novelty in simple innovation

Before Bank Five Nine simplified its name last year from First Bank Financial Centre, it was the 23rd “First Bank” in the state of Wisconsin. Founded in 1859, it claimed to fill a niche by “partnering community involvement with competitive rates and exceptional customer service.” Most community bankers would find this language familiar, but most community bankers don’t have a bobblehead replica of the CEO in the nation’s Bobblehead Hall of Fame. [Continue]

GSBC president prepares leaders for changing world

When the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado was formed 70 years ago, the original banking principles drafted by the board of regents were likely sketched in black-and-white on a 10-column pad — financially oriented and predictable. “We’ve just continued to expand what it means to be a banker,” said Michael Stevens, who replaced the retiring Tim Koch in August as president at the Graduate School of Banking at Colorado. [Continue]

A clear-eyed vision for the future

Jason MacDuff, the fervent leader and vice president of Greenpenny Bank, moved to California from Decorah, Iowa, when he was 2 years old. Navigating the effects of pollution became a normal aspect of MacDuff’s life. He has vivid memories of days, bereft of wind and agitated by heat, when dangerous smog ignited community-wide “Spare the Air” days. [Continue]

Community banker takes his curiosity for a ride

Rich Jones wants his community to see him as a fun guy rather than a stuffy banker. To shape his persona, Jones, president and CEO of central Minnesota’s Randall State Bank, recruited a friend with a video camera to create “Around the Town,” a series of short documentaries highlighting community businesses, with Jones as raconteur.  [Continue]

DCI’s Fankhauser leverages people skills to navigate challenges

When Sarah Fankhauser became president and CEO of core provider Data Center Inc. — the first woman to lead the Kansas-based company in its 57-year history — she faced an unfolding and historic pandemic that spurred the industry to become increasingly reliant on technology. Having come up through company ranks on the customer support side (after beginning her career at a bank), Fankhauser’s people skills proved consequential. These are skills hewn by experience. [Continue]