I still think of myself as a community banker

How I got into banking is kind of an interesting story in that I didn’t go to school to become a banker. I was going to go into law enforcement, getting my degree in criminal justice in 1980. I had been offered a position with a police department in North Dakota. Neither my fiancé nor my folks were all that excited about my career path. Prior to accepting the position, dad asked me if I would come to work at the bank. [Continue]

Schmalz compels ABA to focus on community bank issues

EDITOR’S NOTE: The American Bankers Association holds its National Conference for Community Bankers this month in Honolulu. Charles Schmalz, president of East Wisconsin Savings Bank, Kaukauna, is vice chair of the committee that planned the conference. Schmalz visited with BankBeat Publisher Tom Bengtson about his work on the ABA’s Community Bankers Council and the challenges facing his bank. [Continue]

Indiana’s Horizon Bank names new president

With the new year, James Neff moved from executive vice president to president of Horizon Bancorp and its subsidiary, $3.5 billion Horizon Bank, Michigan City, Ind. Most recently, Neff focused on overseeing consumer and mortgage lending, having been with the bank since October of 1999. [Continue]