Nominate a Banker

Throughout the year, we honor the banking industry's best and brightest professionals through our highly-popular, targeted honors programs.

We begin each new year by naming a Banker of the Year, a bank president or chair who has positively shaped the industry over the course of his or her career or made significant impact in the previous year. The Banker of the Year program is sponsored by Bell Bank.

Each spring, BankBeat profiles Amazing Outside Directors, people who invest in the success of their local community banks by contributing skills, insights and analysis to bank governance, all while helping their institutions develop new relationships. The Amazing Outside Directors program is sponsored by Winthrop & Weinstine.

In the summer, BankBeat honors Rising Stars in Banking — mid-career professionals who already have made a name for themselves at their banks and who are poised to make significant contributions to the industry.

In autumn, BankBeat and its sister publication BankNews turn their attention to recognizing Outstanding Women in Banking. From tellers to presidents, we profile bankers who have gained the respect of peers, bosses and customers by providing outstanding service, thoughtful management or innovative leadership. The Outstanding Women in Banking program is sponsored by Eide Bailly.

We rely on you to submit nominations for each honors program. Nomination deadlines for each program are: Banker of the Year: November 1; Amazing Outside Directors: January 1; Rising Stars in Banking: May 1; and Outstanding Women in Banking: September 1.

Learn more about individual honors programs here:

Banker of the Year • Amazing Outside Directors • Rising Stars in Banking • Outstanding Women in Banking