Credit for cash flow

It’s a big deal when any small business lands a big customer. Business owners dream of landing a Fortune 500 customer that will assure sales and boost profits. But of course, that’s not the end of the challenge. No small business owner wants to become dependent upon one big customer, so the ultimate goal is to land several big customers. [Continue]

Iowa bank finds success serving Amish community

“We have to be accommodative to their beliefs and honestly examine ourselves as a business to determine what is really core to our relationship needs,” explains Iowa banker Dan Thompson of the business his bank has built with the local Amish community. [Continue]

Automation a useful fraud-fighting tool

Community bankers are increasingly aware of the need to improve their fraud detection efforts and establish centralized governance systems to get a better grasp on managing the risks of fraud. Automation can help with that. [Continue]

Preparing for CECL: What you should do now

The new standard eliminates the “probable” recognition threshold in current generally accepted accounting principles, and instead reflects an organization’s current estimate of all expected credit losses over the contractual term of its financial assets. [Continue]

The push for the public bank

The call for public banking is both resurgent and pervasive across the United States, and may actually be gaining momentum outside of its core sponsor groups. Interest in public banking is widespread. Reasons vary, but often come down to unmet need and disparity. [Continue]