Holding companies find sub debt attractive in current conditions

Unlike the previous economic crisis just over 10 years ago, and the recessions that preceded it, the current downturn has mostly spared the banking industry. Indeed, though it is not necessarily reflected in the share prices of publicly traded institutions, many US banks have strong balance sheets and are poised for growth. And that includes community banks. [Continue]

High-energy consultant on mission to transform community banking

When Patrick Alexander, then president of Landmark National Bank in Manhattan, Kan., first attended a seminar presented by The Emmerich Group, he could not believe his eyes — or ears. This was no boring slide show presentation on the ABCs of community banking. People were standing, shouting and laughing. And these were bankers. He immediately started checking for early flights home. [Continue]

Still Eager to Serve

Although there may be more disincentive than ever to serve on a bank’s board of directors, there is no shortage of willing volunteers. [Continue]