Building a better data analysis process

Banks need to be acutely in-tune not only with the state of the economy, but with the particular challenges their customers may face in a downturn. Already, millions of Americans are struggling to afford basic housing costs. [Continue]

Fintech tool marries personalization, financial wellness

Finotta is a new fintech operating out of Overland Park, Kan. BankBeat spoke with Parker Graham, founder and CEO, and Kelsey Houghton, chief product officer, about their “gamified” approach to financial wellness. Q: The mobile banking app space has gotten pretty crowded. How does Finotta find a place in the mix? Parker Graham: As the … Read more

Deploying chatbots? Consider the ethics

If your community bank is thinking of rolling out an online loan application program, or any more complex product offering, you will likely have to make choices about a digital helper and how it interacts with customers. [Continue]

Modernize the ag lending process to stay competitive

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, banks are challenged to speed lending decisions with confidence and attract more farmers with convenient digital products — all while managing risk. Without modern lending tools, banks will lose out to competitors and stifle growth. [Continue]

Is a digital dollar the future of currency?

In March, the White House directed several federal agencies to research the pros and cons of a digital dollar. This raises a host of questions for banks, particularly when it comes to deposits and loans, which, you know, are kind of a big deal. For the general public, I have to think the topic is just generally confusing. Digital payments have been with us for a long time, after all. The type of digital dollar being discussed by the Feds would look a lot to the consumer like the digital money banks move around right now. But the back end of how the money is exchanged would change. [Continue]

Avoid cyber pitfalls through proper training

The cost of staying ahead of security challenges continues to rise for banks. Anand Naik, cofounder and CEO of cybersecurity tech firm Sequretek, shares his thoughts on the state of enterprise cybersecurity and how banks can best prepare for today’s threat environment.  [Continue]