Airline pioneer proves the power of simplicity

We lost a giant in the business world when Herb Kelleher died on Jan. 3 at the age of 87. Long before innovation and disruption were industry buzzwords, Kelleher was revolutionizing air travel with the late-1960s launch of Southwest Airlines. He opened up air travel to penny-wise consumers who previously had to rely on ground transportation for long distance trips. We can learn a few things from Kelleher. [Continue]

FDIC Chair prioritizes regulatory relief

The FDIC is working to reduce regulatory burden for community banks, said Chair Jelena McWilliams, who spoke to bankers and reporters in Milwaukee on Feb. 5. She said she is concerned about industry consolidation. Also, she said rules around brokered deposits should be updated, and that while deposit insurance premium rebates are forthcoming, details and timing remain uncertain. [Continue]

After strong start, 2018 economic growth slowed

The year 2018 opened with expectations for strong economic performance across most sectors, including banking. There was concern about agriculture, but most other areas of the economy were participating in the lengthy expansion. A sweeping tax bill passed in late 2017 set the stage for a robust 2018. And in May, when Congress passed regulatory relief for the banking industry, prospects grew even stronger. [Continue]

De novos: Refiguring the cost of entry

The economy has a lot of influence on the de novo market, which might be picking up, albeit tepidly. James LaPierre, FDIC Kansas City Regional Director, shared at a seminar hosted by the Eide Bailly accounting firm that as of Nov. 1, that the FDIC has approved nine applications for FDIC insurance so far this year and the agency currently is considering 12 pending applications. [Continue]