Hiring & Retention

10 Talent Management Best Practices

Talent management continues to be a top concern for leaders amid ongoing labor market tightness. Talent is often listed as the most important asset in an organization. [Continue]

Handle departure with compassion

What banks (and really, any industry) can learn from the current spike in layoffs is that former employees can be quite vocal about their last moments with a company. Consider mortgage company Better.com’s callous firing of 900 people via Zoom.  [Continue]

What employees want

We have heard a lot about the Great Resignation; well, I just learned that all those people who are quitting their jobs are not necessarily happy with their decisions. Johnny Taylor, the president and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management, declared recently that 72 percent of those folks regret their decision. For those looking to attract or keep employees, he also offered insight into workforce desires. [Continue]

Community bankers utilize creativity, persistence to fill talent pipeline

Last fall, 73 percent of employers reported difficulty finding employees, and nearly the same number of employers expect that difficulty to continue. In order to compete for talent, community bankers have had to get creative and strategic by partnering with nonprofits, state bankers associations and institutions of higher learning. [Continue]

Minnesota’s Bridgewater Bank takes culture, growth seriously

Mary Jayne Crocker, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Twin Cities-based Bridgewater Bank, speaks about the bank’s unconventional culture and how it attracts and retains talent. Transparency, accountability, continuity and recognition all play important roles, from onboarding to discerning when an employee is no longer a cultural fit. [Continue]

More than money needed to attract talent

Recruiters say a complicating facet of attracting and retaining key bank employees is a surplus of retirement-age bankers and the deficit of college graduates entering the industry. Stuart Kazor at Omaha, Neb.-based financial recruiting firm Adams Inc., noted other industries or roles, especially fintechs and IT positions, are more lucrative. [Continue]